Installing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

In this guide we will walkthrough the installation of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Build 8443. To follow this guide you will need to have already installed the Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit. I have produced a guide to help you with the installation of Microsoft Windows Deployment Toolkit a link to which can be found at the Bottom of this page.

Before we begin if you haven't done so already please download the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit from the Microsoft Web site:


  1. Navigate to the location that you saved the installer to and double click.
  2. Read the Microsoft License Agreement and Select 'Agree' and then select Next

    MD Install - License Agreement
  3. On the following screen you will be asked to select the installation Directory. I have chosen to install MDT on my 'D' Drive under 'D:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit'. On this screen you can also select the components to be installed, you can leave the default selection Select you desired installation location and click next

    MDT Install - Component Selection
  4. On the next screen you have the option to participate in the Microsoft Customer Experience Program. In my case I have chosen not to participate which is the default option. One you have made your chose click next.

    MDT Install - Customer Experiance Program

  5. This is the final screen that you will see before the installation starts. There are no option on this screen except the Install button. Click Install to begin the installation process.

    MDT Install - Begin Install
  6. During the installation Microsoft User Account Control may prompt you to allow the installation to continue, if you see this screen click on yes to allow the installation to start.

    MDT Install - UCA

Once the installation is complete you are ready to start configuring Microsoft Deployment Toolkit on your network.


To help support you with installing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit I have produced a video guide for you to follow along with.


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